Building a Hungry – Responsive – Hyper Active List

One of the biggest challenge for most people is finding prospective buyers or clients. A great way to help to insure that you are targeting the right group is to build your own list of active subscribers.

By creating your own list, you will have the ability to continuously provide useful and valuable content. You will also be able to recommend products and services that they need.

Here are a few very simple strategies for building a hungry – responsive – hyper active list:

  • Create a Free (High Value) Special Report, eBook, Audio & Video Series
  • Create an Irresistible Offer for Your Product
  • Integrate your List Management Opt-In Box and prominently display on your website and FaceBook Fan Page
  • Design an Inviting “Welcome” message with links to download your product
  • Write a 5-7 part series of follow-up messages if possible
  • Encourage your current subscribers to share your Irresistible Offer with their Email List & Social Networks
  • Promote your Free Offer everywhere that you can – FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Ning, Email Signatures, Article Bio, TV, Radio, Speaking, Post Cards, etc

It really is just that simple! Find out what they want and give it to them. Once they are on you list, you can sell them other solutions that solves their problems or fulfills their desires.

For a simple a more detailed guide that explains how to create your product offer, check out Key Principle #2 in the eBook -  MicroBiz Marketing 101 – 7 Key Principles for Building Your Business. Click here to download it for free!

Here are 2 recommendations for managing your subscriber list and follow up messages:

If you are an internet marketer or blogger that will need to maintain lots of independent list, then you should use Aweber.

If you are a life /business coach, consultant, trainer, accountant, etc, then you should use Constant Contact.

Once you are all set up, you will need to drive some traffic to your website. Check out the free eCourse – WordPress SEO Made Easy to learn simple strategies for unlimited traffic –

Enjoy the WordPress SEO eCourse and I’ll see you at the top!

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List Building Techniques for WordPress SEO

As an internet marketer, you will also need to become a list building expert. Here are some list building techniques for you where all you need is articles and article sites. Here is how you can use article sites to work for you in building a mailing list.

Many people like to do article marketing due to the increased traffic to their websites. Article marketing is an effective but good long term strategy for any internet marketer, but most of the good article marketing sites don’t take affiliate links anymore, so it is getting increasingly harder to make sales from articles that have been submitted to article sites.

When most people visit a website from a link that they have clicked on via an article, they will normally take a quick look around, and vow to come back later, but they hardly ever return, and in this way you have lost a prospect or sale forever. You will have the advantage of increased traffic, but that is about all that you will see.

Use your articles to drive prospects to a squeeze page, or an opt in box on your website, so that prospects can sign up for further updates from you. You can sweeten the pot by offering some free bonus’s, and in that way you will be able to build a relationship with your visitors, and perhaps get them to buy at a later stage. Make sure that the articles that you use relate to the subject of the squeeze page for higher conversions. A good idea is to place an exit pop up box at your website, so that your visitor is tempted to sign up as he leaves the page.

Successful internet marketers all have massive opt in email lists that they have built for themselves. Most of the sites that affiliate marketers promote online today, are disguised as other people’s list builders, and you are thus building other people’s lists instead of your own. Think about yourself for once, and build your own opt in email lists so you too can be successful online.

The first priority for any internet marketer should be to become a list building expert. It is always easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to get new customers, and people will normally purchase from somebody they know and trust, rather than a complete stranger.

Here’s to you in your list building efforts!

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Squeeze Page – How to Build an Effective Squeeze Page

Some people have trouble with the creation of a squeeze page. However, it is a very simple procedure if you follow the rules.

A squeeze page is just a web page with only one function – to gather the name and email address of any visitor that has read your articles and want more information about the subject.

So how do I build a squeeze page?

You start with a very compelling title – one that will attract your readers into reading your entire page. This could be a relatively short title with a longer, more descriptive subtitle to help capture their attention even more.

The copy for your squeeze page could be 3-4 short paragraphs relating to your subject. However, in my squeeze pages, I find that just a short sentence of ‘here’s what you will find…” works much better. I then add 4-6 bullet points, each one describing the benefits of my products.

Notice I said benefits, not features of my products. To keep the readers’ interest you want to tell them about what your product does, not what it looks like. Rather than say ‘This lawnmower has 3 sharp blades and a powerful motor’, you might say ‘Discover how this powerful lawnmower will help you mow your grass so quickly that…”

For each bullet you should try to begin with a word or phrase that shows the reader how they can use your product, i.e.”Learn how to…”, “See how…”, “Discover the secrets of…”

Finally, you will ask the visitors to join your list by giving you their name and email address. You do this by offering them a free gift – usually a short ebook based on the topic of the squeeze page.

The reader is now your subscriber and you will be sending them email containing great information about your products as well as free gifts, announcements, and sales letters for new products.

Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I’ve just completed my brand new free ebook entitled “Beginner’s Guide to Article Writing”.

Download it free here: Successful Article Writing

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List Building Is Crucial To Marketing Your Small Business Online

There is a ton of advice out there from a lot of different places about finding customers online. One thing that you will get almost 100% consensus on is that you need to be building a list.

Among the easiest ways to do so is to include a sign-in form for the people that visit your website. But even with the email form on the front, it still may not be enough to entice people to sign in to your list.

Give your visitors an incentive to join your list. This can be done by giving away something of value in return for people to signing into your email list. You can offer a free consultation, a useful informational product, a free report or a special gift. All of these will entice your site visitors to give you their email addresses and your list will grow steadily.

You have to be careful to exercise some restraint when emailing you list. Just because they gave you their email addresses does NOT mean that they want to be inundated with tons of emails from you trying to sell them your goods and services. If you do this, expect people to unsubscribe from your list in droves.

Pepper your email list with relevant and interesting information. Give them some useful information or tips pertaining to your industry or product. Share some of your insights about business and life. Mix that with an occasional plug for your product and you are creating a recipe for success.

Start today to build a list of targeted potential customers. Use services such as GetResponse or AWeber to manage your lists and communicate with them.

Building a large list may take some time but it is an endeavor well worth it when you start to grow you client base because of your efforts.

Are you looking to find more clients and increase your revenue online?

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Opt-In List: How Not To Email Your List

With an opt-in list you have the liberty of sending your promotional newsletters and catalogs to your subscribers with the purpose of selling your products or services.

This you must do with caution because you may experience some subscribers who may want to opt out in no time.

This you need to avoid by properly packaging your list and your marketing strategy to meet up with the need of your subscribers and to make them want to receive and need your newsletters and articles.

Today unscrupulous people seize the opportunity of having the e-mail address of others in opt-in lists and they begin to send all manners of contents and promotional messages whether they are suitable or not.

The danger in this is that there are now rules and guidelines that govern the sending of materials like this and subscribers can easily notify appropriate authorities about spamming, which may lead to very serious problem for the senders.

You do not want to lost all what you have worked for as a result of things like this, thus you need to promote your products and services with caution, playing by the rules to avoid any penalty.

You need to keep close tab on your opt-in list, pruning and cleaning it from time to time, take note of bounced mails and those that have opted out and do stop sending mail to them.

Do everything you can to avoid being on the wrong side of the law so that you can really have a profitable and sustainable business which will continue to earn money for you.

The 3 point below are guides that will help you to avoid trouble and to have a profitable opt-in list working for you as you move ahead in your chosen business.

1. Do not start with money: Even though the main reason why you decided to have an opt-in list and send information to your subscribers is for you to be able to make money. You should not make this obvious.

Don’t try to put up a sales page to impress your subscribers to rush to buy your products, they would not.

This is because people do not like to be cajoled into making purchase, they feel you are interested in taking their money from them, instead provide quality content, keep sending the content to them without any promotional links except links to any other resource site where they can learn more.

Keep the content focused on the niche you are promoting, and continue to do it until you have build trust and reputation, only them can you sell.

2. Follow your words with action: On your site do not make any claim that you can not carry out, avoid sweet words that are just sales words, write straight, write facts and make your writings simple enough to make your subscribers know what you are talking.

3. Avoid questionable methods and software: They promise easy, fast and profitable campaigns, but goes against all rules; soon your subscribers will discover you do not have their interest at heart and they would rather withdraw.

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